If you have been in a bicycle accident and suffered injuries, then it is time to meet with an attorney for help. Those who have been struck by a car driver and now have physical injuries, bike damages, and financial loss, may wonder whether hiring an attorney is actually worth it. They are here to tell you that is most certainly is, especially if you want to increase your chances of getting the amount you need to recover. 

The Stress of Dealing with It 

Many people who have been in some kind of injury accident, just want to move on with their lives as quickly as possible. These incidents can be immensely stressful and wear away at a person’s pocket book. The victim may be offered a settlement by an insurance company, in hopes that the case can be closed without further dispute.

As an attorney has seen too many times, victims may be so desperate for money that they accept the offer without negotiation. Sadly, many people just don’t realize they do not have to accept the first amount offered. They can help fight for a settlement that your covers past, current, and future expenses, in addition to alleviating a bulk of the stress. 

Assessing Your Claim Value

There are several variables that your attorney may look at when determining how much your claim is worth. We may ask that you bring as much information as you can about the accident, including documents like medical records, diagnostics, treatment plans, out-of-pocket costs, property damage, and loss of wages from missing work. The factors we are likely to explore include: 

  • Level of treatment received
  • Whether surgery was required
  • How many hours of work were missed
  • Time for recovery
  • Injury permanence
  • Degree of scarring from accident wounds
  • Medical bills

Each Case is Different

It is worth noting that not every case of a bicycle accident is the same. There are so many factors that can contribute to a bike accident unfolding, and each person is an individual in the type and severity of injuries they sustained. There may have been ways you had unintentionally hindered your chances of getting the amount of compensation you need to cover all losses and damages, such as: 

  • Whether you delayed seeking medical treatment
  • Whether you failed to abide by doctor’s recommendations
  • Not calling the police or gathering evidence at the scene
  • Letting the driver go without getting their contact details
  • Forgetting to talk with witnesses so they could provide a statement
  • Not hiring an attorney for legal advice

We can help you overcome the bike accident. Our team understands the legalities of personal injury law, and will do what we can to see you get healthy and the compensation deserved. Don’t delay in getting legal representation, it is key that you act quickly.