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How Long Does it Take to get a Divorce if Both Parties Agree?

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Needing legal advice about divorce is never an easy place to be even though many people who are going through this know that ultimately, it will be for the best even though right now it is hard. Like marriages, no two couples will have the exact same divorce.
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Some divorces will be separating a year or few of cohabitation and combined living costs, while others will involve the separation of a couple who has decades of a shared life, children, and property, assets, and/or businesses they’ve built together. Some divorces are as contentious and volatile as warring countries, while others are more or less amicable where the individuals involved in the dissolution agree on most terms without much disagreement.

No matter what dynamic you and your ex have, divorce proceedings are long and protracted affairs. They involve meetings with lawyers, even when both parties have agreed to mediation. Many divorces involve more than a few court appearances, and some result in long and drawn out trials that comb through the marriage in uncomfortable detail.

Even the most amicable divorce tends to be a rough and draining process for everyone involved.

Divorce Proceedings

Many people find it uncomfortable that their marriage, assets, property, and what is best for their children, is discussed openly in court, even if this is done in a more private setting such as during a deposition or in a judge’s chambers.  

Divorce Help

Many people recommend that people who are going through a divorce get as much help as they can. For some people, this means turning to family, friends, therapists, faith leaders and/or lawyers to help them manage various parts of their lives that are being affected by their divorce.


For many couples, even when they mutually agree that they want to go ahead and end their marriage, the potential for emotional turmoil and acrimony is likely. When two people are literally separating in the physical sense as well as legally, it tends to be done in a slow and often uncomfortably formal manner.

Empower Yourself

If you are in the difficult situation of facing a divorce or trying to decide whether or not you should seek one, one way to empower yourself is to be informed on the legal aspects of divorce and how it is going to affect your day to day life. It is important to understand the legal process so that you can be in a position of being able to speak effectively to your wants and needs, and to understand if what the other side offers you is truly going to meet these.


While being informed will likely not take away the emotional stress of your divorce, it will likely give you some peace of mind in knowing about and understanding the legal aspects of your divorce, and how it will likely affect your future.

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