Getting hurt never happens at a convenient or planned time. You may have savings for an emergency, but if you need to tap into it for an extended period, you may find your finances suffering. Along with this stress comes the pain and suffering involved with the injury itself. It may not be limited to physical ramifications but emotional and mental anguish as well.

If your injury is the result of another person’s careless behavior, you may qualify to file a personal injury lawsuit. Find out more about what may be considered a personal injury claim by seeing if your situation falls in line with one of the following three examples.

1. Automobile Accident

Motor vehicle accidents account for many of the personal injury lawsuits filed each year. If you were part of an accident caused by another driving not heeding the rules of the road, you might be able to recover damages. Laws vary from state to state on how personal injury cases are handled and the type of damages you may recover. However, if you can prove the other driver was negligent, you may get your medical bills and lost income covered. Some instances include a failure to follow a traffic control device, driving under the influence or excessive speed.

2. Medical Malpractice 

Mistakes happen even in the medical field. When a doctor, nurse or other provider commits an error resulting in injury or illness, a personal injury claim may be the only way to get reimbursed for your loss. As in all applications of this nature, negligence must be proven to qualify. If a medical professional failed to follow the standard of care, was incompetent or did not intervene fast enough in remitting a diagnosis or treatment, they may be negligent.

3. Slip and Fall

When entering another’s property, whether a place of business or a home, you should expect that conditions are safe. Falling, either due to something on the ground or tripping over something in the right of way, can result in serious injuries. If the owner knew or should have known that a condition existed that may lead to a fall and did nothing to rectify it, the case may rise to the level of negligence.

Dealing with the pain and loss that often accompany an injury can be tough to deal with on many levels. A personal injury lawyer may help you through the personal injury claims process. The result may lead to closure and recovery of the damages you need to move forward with your life.

Source: Auto Accident Lawyer in Tampa, FL, Jeff Murphy Law