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When dealing with a split from your child’s other parent, strong emotions can be triggered just talking about custody and parenting plan arrangements. However, if you and your spouse or former romantic partner generally agree about how your child custody arrangements should be structured, you may be able to formalize your custody and parenting plan arrangements without judicial intervention. 

With that said, it remains important to speak with an attorney as you are formalizing your child custody situation. As an experienced family lawyer, including those who practice at Zweig Law, PC – Attorneys at Law can confirm, trying to navigate a child custody matter without legal guidance can lead to potentially disastrous consequences. When it comes to protection of your legal rights as a parent and legally-binding documents that may or may not reflect your child’s best interests, you shouldn’t attempt a “DIY” process. Connect with an experienced local attorney for assistance with any or all of the following issues that tend to influence child custody challenges.

Understand Your Rights

A divorce lawyer can help you broaden your understanding of how custody issues may apply to your situation. Even if you are agreeing with your spouse, you may want to make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of or giving up rights to your children. You can avoid expensive and stressful mistakes by consulting with a lawyer.

Focus on What’s Best for the Children

Even the most agreeable divorces are tense. It’s easy to lose focus on your goals, one of which is doing what is best for your child. Your lawyer can help you look through your agreement to make sure it meets your goals. A lawyer doesn’t have an emotional stake in the divorce, which allows them to have fresh eyes.

Calculate Child Support Payments Equitably

Custody directly affects child support payments. Your lawyer can help you make sure you are calculating child support fairly between both parents, not only based on who has the children the most, but also on the gross income of the parents, credits for child care, health insurance payments, and what the children need.

Deal with Inter-Jurisdictional Cases

If you and your spouse are getting a divorce while dealing with different state or country laws, your lawyer can help you through the added challenges. 

Consider the Best Interests of Your Child

Child support and custody may need to be modified over time, as the child ages or as circumstances change. Your lawyer can help you navigate these difficult situations that may be emotional. Going through a divorce is stressful, especially when kids are involved. Having an advocate on your side can help you reduce the stress and make sure you’ve thought through the situation now and moving forward.