Acquiring a public relations firm to protect a client’s reputation is an older practice that has been reinvigorated in recent years. Present day technology gives people access to any type of information they would like.  As a result, managing information that the general public has access to can be more challenging than ever. With the assistance of a public relations firm, attorneys are able to have control over the conversation happening through news outlets.

Public Relations and Social Media

In this day and age, people have access to endless amounts of information. Through social media sites, news websites, and television access that is available to us, “on demand,” we are able to be a part of any conversation we want. Depending on what you are looking for, you can find information to suit your fancy. This has proven to be challenging when it comes to political misinformation as people can locate news sources that speak to their political liking. The same goes for legal cases that are in the media. Having a public relations component to a legal team can help to better control the conversation around the case.

Attorney-Client Privilege and PR

Attorneys are required to uphold confidentiality, also known as, attorney-client privilege. One of the benefits to an attorney is that they are bound by privilege, which protects the information that a client shares with them.  When a person is seeking legal representation, an attorney cannot testify around the information that is shared with them. Privilege requires there to be an established relationship between the attorney and client. This transpires with a series of steps that will include the free consultation with the attorney, receiving advice from the attorney, and a mutual agreement that the attorney will represent the client. The attorney-client relationship is then solidified in writing.

When it comes to a public relations firm, the biggest question is whether or not they are protected under attorney-client privilege. It could be detrimental to the case if the PR person were to be subpoenaed by opposing counsel to testify. This has brought up a lot of questions in recent years. When preparing for a case, sometimes attorneys need help from other professional to do work around the case. Depending on the situation, people who are not lawyers can at times be protected under attorney-client privilege. It is vital that when a PR Firm is involved they are employed by the attorney and that they never speak to the client without the attorney present.

Partnering with a public relations agency will help to manage the media and protect the reputation of the client. There are many reasons why this may make sense. When a client is a high profile one or a case becomes one that receives a lot of attention in the media, it will be important to protect your client through the legal process, a reputable public relations firm, like a public relations agency in New York, NY at Goldman McCormick PR,  can help with that.