Getting into a car accident can be both scary and stressful, regardless of how minor or severe the accident is. One of the most common things that the victim in a car accident will file for through a lawsuit or in an insurance claim is what is known as “pain and suffering.” Attorneys understand that this can be one of the more complicated forms of compensation to receive because, unlike medical bills or physical therapy costs, pain and suffering is not an easily quantifiable expense. Thus, they understand that if you were in a minor car accident, you may still have experienced a significant amount of emotional trauma. However, the insurance company may be less likely to award you the compensation you deserve. This is why it is so important to work with a car accident attorney.

I haven’t heard of “pain and suffering.” What is it?

When someone experiences pain and suffering from a car accident, it is the emotional or physical pain or stress that they went through at the time of the accident and after the accident. When you are proving pain and suffering in your case, you want to ensure it was a direct result of the car accident and not something else. Thus, in a car accident, if you experience excruciating pain from nerve damage after your hand was hurt in a car accident, your attorney would work to get you compensation for the actual pain that is associated with the nerve damage. You would likely also pursue compensation for the medical bills and physical therapy directly related to this damage.

How do you calculate pain and suffering?

Unfortunately, calculating pain and suffering from an accident is not an easy task, and because there is not a set standard for determining this number, it is easy for the victim and the insurance company to have two very different ideas in mind for what the value should be. Thus, the insurance company you are filing a claim with will typically look at where your injuries are located, how severe the injuries are, and if they are permanent. So, if you are trying to collect pain and suffering for the nerve damage done as well as a bruised hip, you can expect more compensation for the nerve damage than the bruised hip.

How do I know if it’s worth pursuing a claim?

This will depend on the type of injury you received in addition to what your doctor says as well as your attorney. For example, if you truly only have a bruised hip, it may not be worth it for you to go to the effort and expense of working with an attorney and the insurance company. This can take up a great deal of your time, especially if the insurance company fights back with a different number.

If you are interested in pursuing compensation in the form of pain and suffering for your car accident injury, speak with a car accident attorney to discuss your options.