A Lawyer for Chiropractic Manipulations

Chiropractors are medical professionals who provide alternative treatments that focus on subluxations in the spine. These professionals are known for alleviating back and neck pain, but some people believe the treatment is also useful for other medical issues because the spine is centered around the nerve center of the body.

Like other medical treatments, spinal adjustments do not come without a risk. One of the primary concerns is that these adjustments can cause a stroke, especially when the neck is twisted, jerked, or forced in a sudden way. The connection between chiropractic adjustments and strokes are something that is openly discussed in the medical and legal community; however, most patients are unaware of the risk. 

If you were a patient of a chiropractor, and believe you suffered an injury after an adjustment, it may be a good idea to ask a chiropractic injury lawyer to review your case. 

How a Chiropractor Might Injure Someone

In general, chiropractors only learn about spinal adjustments. This is their primary method in treating men and women. As a chiropractic injury lawyer might tell you, this limited training could pose a risk to patients. Some of the risks may include:

  • The Adjustment Could Be Dangerous – When a patient is adjusted, the head could be moved quickly as a means of adjusting the upper vertebrae. The rapid action may cause a tear in the vertebral artery or the carotid artery. This tear could cause bleeding that eventually causes a clot. Overtime (days or weeks), the clot might travel up to the brain and cause a stroke. 
  • A Pre-Existing Problem Could Worsen – If a patient has a pre-existing medical condition, such as a herniated disc, or decreased blood flow, a chiropractor might be unaware of these issues. Because of their limited medical training, it is possible that the condition goes undiagnosed. Should the patient have an adjustment that affects the pre-existing condition, further harm could result. 
  • A Condition Might Go Undiagnosed – A patient might believe that their chiropractor can take care of all their medical needs. This could pose a risk since chiropractors may not have the necessary knowledge to identify and diagnose certain conditions that require medical treatment from a qualified doctor. 

It is difficult to know how many people have been injured by chiropractors. This is because the injuries that are most likely to result often do not manifest immediately. For example, a patient who has a stroke from a chiropractic adjustment might not have the stroke for several weeks. This is not to say that you should never have a chiropractic adjustment, but to be mindful of who treats you and for what condition you are being treated for. 

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If a chiropractor has caused you harm, including a stroke or otherwise, you might have the right to recover damages. Please call a personal injury lawyer in Canoga Park, CA, such as from Unidos Legales, today for an initial consultation.