While some car accidents result in nothing but a little bumper dent, others can cause serious injury and financial strain. Medical bills, property damage repairs, car repairs, and pain and suffering might make you miss work and worry about how you’ll get back on your feet. The costs you’ve already sustained may make you question the wisdom of adding the fee of hiring a lawyer, especially knowing how pricey they can be. Many people don’t realize that hiring an attorney can relieve a lot of stress and ensure you aren’t cheated out of money by the insurance agency, all while being affordable.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney

It’s possible that after an accident where you were not at fault, the insurance company has already offered you a settlement, so why bother with the lawyer and take that instead? The reality is that insurance companies are out to make the most money possible while paying off the least in claims, meaning they have probably offered you an amount smaller than what you deserve.

A lawyer can advise and represent you in court with your claim. His or her knowledge of accident laws and experience in proving cases can get you far better results than the initial settlement. An attorney can also keep you from falling into common pitfalls of dealing with the insurance agency yourself, such as providing a recorded statement (not required by law) or misleading you on your actual rights in the situation.

How You Can Afford One

If you are still trying to financially recover from your accident — especially if you were injured — the cost of a lawyer can seem daunting. However, because many people com under strain from medical bills and car damage after an accident, most car accident attorneys offer a contingency fee to take your case. That fee must only be paid if the lawyer wins your case, so you don’t need to worry about seeking legal advice due to expenses.

What to Look for in a Lawyer

Start your search with the specifics of your case, such as personal injury or property destruction, to find an attorney who deals mostly in that area. Once you have found a handful that you like, investigate their background and don’t be afraid to contact previous clients to ask them about their experience. Your lawyer should have plenty of experience behind him or her and know exactly how federal and state laws impact your case.

No one should have to deal with the complex workings of the law and the tricky guidance of the insurance company. Hiring a lawyer might seem frightening for your finances, but it can pay off immensely if the claim is won.