Car Accident Lawyer

After an accident, there’s a lot on your mind. By the time you get home, you’re probably already dealing with a number of phone calls. This is normal but overwhelming. If an insurance adjuster contacts you, you might not know what to say. While this is also normal, there are some tips to take that will make the conversation easier.

Be Polite and Courteous

The first rule to speaking to an adjuster is to remain polite and courteous. Even if you’re upset, it won’t help your case to be angry with the adjuster. The whole conversation and relationship between you and the adjuster will be a lot smoother if you remain polite and courteous.

Tell Them You Won’t Be Talking About the Accident

An adjuster may ask you to give a statement. You want to tell them upfront that you will not be talking about the accident because it’s still under investigation. You can say that you will discuss facts later, at a more appropriate time. Always be calm and polite, but make sure not to give a detailed account of the accident. Sometimes, the adjuster may try to engage you in conversation to get details subtly. You need to be aware of these tactics and avoid giving into them.

Explain That You Won’t Talk on Your Injuries

The adjuster will probably ask about your injuries. This is the typical procedure, but you would be better off if you didn’t answer any questions about it. As with the details of the accident, don’t let yourself be pulled into a casual conversation about the accident. You especially should not give any detailed accounts of your injuries. If this is soon after the accident, you may not even know the extent of it.

Set a Limit for Conversation

If you’re speaking with the adjuster for the first time, then you need to be clear that there isn’t a lot that you can talk about over the phone. You should be limited and make sure that the adjuster understands that you have limits about being contacted in the future. Sometimes, an adjuster will call frequently to push you to settle. You can set the terms of this behavior not being okay.

Accidents are tough to deal with. There’s a lot that goes into settling a case or healing after a wreck. If you find yourself in a conversation with an insurance adjuster, it’s best to stay calm and courteous but say very little. What you say to an insurance adjuster should always be about setting limits to the conversation until you have talked to a car accident lawyer.

Source: car accident lawyer in Greenbelt, MD, Cohen Lawyers.